Warranty conditions

With our “feel-good-guarantee, we offer an 18-months-guarantee on the promoted product.

The guarantee is granted only to consumers, not towards retailers, where each consumer is a natural person that concludes a legal transaction for a purpose, which can be attributed neither to his commercial nor his professional occupation.

The deadline for calculating the guarantee period starts from the date of invoice. Our guarantee is valid in Austria as well as in all Member States of the European Union.

If the product should fail during this period due to defects in materials or workmanship, bean-spectacles grants you as the guarantor one of the following benefits:

  • free repair of the goods or
  • free exchange of goods for an equivalent product (possibly also a successor model, in case the original product is no longer available).

Please send your guarantee claim to us to the following address :

Florian Hermüller
Himmelreich 2
4082 Aschach

Phone: 0043 660 418 1308

E-Mail: office@bean-spectacles.com

This guarantee shall not apply to any damage claims arising from

– misuse or improper handling of the goods resulting in breakage and glass damage;

– environmental influences (moisture, extreme cold or heat, over-voltage, dust, etc.), in particular damage caused by moisture and water;

– non-compliance with any safety precautions;

– failure to comply with the operating instructions;

– the use of violence;

– unauthorized repair attempts.

Color and material changes (jeans, color, structural changes) are also excluded from the guarantee.

The use of the guarantee claim implies the examination of the goods after sending them to us. Please make sure that transport damages can be avoided by an appropriate packaging.

To claim the feel-good-guarantee you need to add a copy of the original invoice to your goods. Please understand that we can still reject your claim if the documents are incomplete. The copy of the invoice is used to calculate the guarantee period.  In case of a legitimate guarantee, we will provide the guarantee service within 30 days from the date of dispatch.

The freight cost for sending the goods as well as the costs for returning the goods to you are at our expense and will be refunded. However, you bear the risk of loss or damage of the goods in transit within the guarantee service.